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Cube-a-licious was created in the Spring of 2007 for Kitchen Sink PDX's exhibition "Step Into My Office." A multi-media installation involving over 100 artists and abandoned office space.

"One of the Office's most interesting projects comes from the collaborative that calls itself Cube-alicious, who are covering every square inch of one of the depressing little offices with gingerbread and icing. For the past several weeks, the members of Cube-alicious have been getting together and furiously pounding out gingerbread dough. Just before the show opens, they'll be taking the dough to Three Lions Bakery, just downstairs from the site of the show, and baking square yard upon square yard of aromatic, tasty gingerbread. The surfaces of the office space upstairs will be covered in the sweet substance, but the project won't be done until the audience pitches in."--Chas Bowie in the Portland Mercury (link below)

The brain child of the Crumb Collective; Katrina Boemig, Al Larsen, Sarah Farahat, and Bonnie Paisley, Cube-a-licious was a gingerbread office that was mixed, baked, decorated, and eaten over the course of the exhibition.

Film and sound created by head Gingerbread Man, Al Larsen, was playing in the room. German speaking HR managers, a janitor, and employees helped involve the public in this collaborative effort.

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Cube-a-licious (after)
Gingerbread, Candy, Frosting
Cube-a-licious (after)
Gingerbread, Candy, Frosting
Cube-a-licious (before)
Gingerbread, bread
Gingerbread, royal icing, bread, video projection