• January 2020 Classes!

    January 2020 Classes!

    Classes will begin again the week of January 6th, 2020!

    Monday 1-3pm & 6-8pm

    January 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, (No Class February 3rd), February 10th

    Wednesday 10-12noon

    January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, (No Class February 5th), February 12th

    Please note that there will be no make up class this session due to instructor schedule! If you know you will miss a class, I am happy to extend a make up opportunity to you in a future session!


    The inspiration for this session, in the first year of this new decade, is BEHOLD. This comes from the Feminist Mantra Calendar by Amelia Hruby, she writes: "January is always an invitation, a blank page, and a fresh start. But rather than rushing into the new year headlong with hardfast resolutions, what would happen if you took this month to BEHOLD?"

    Going with that theme, there will be various still life items set up each week in the studio for you to simply spend time with. You may choose to paint, draw, sculpt, fast, slow, large or small. You may also come in with your own project idea and dive right in. As always, I will base my instruction on what you want to learn and what your skill level is. The time in class is for YOU.

    Please contact Bonnie if you are interested in signing up have further questions.

  • Fall Class Schedule at Paisley Studios

    Fall Class Schedule at Paisley Studios


    Happy end of summer to all of you! Here is info about the upcoming fall schedule at Paisley Studios:

    Fall Classes Dates & Times:
    Please note that Monday’s class will switch back to the afternoon!
    Total cost: $125/session (a session is 5 regularly scheduled classes with one chance to make up any missed class the last week)

    Monday 1-3pm & 6-8pm
    Session 1: September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7, make up class on the 14th
    Session 2: October 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18, make up on the 25th
    Wednesday 10-12noon
    Session 1: September 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9, make up class on the 16th
    Session 2: October 23, 30, November 6, 13, make up class on the 27th

    While many of you have ongoing projects that you are working on, I will be offering an option to focus on a specific “new thing” to anyone who is in between projects or wants to dive into different mediums and/or explore artistic techniques and concepts. These “new thing” projects are always optional, my classes will retain a strong focus on your individual artistic goals and can be tailored to meet your skill level. If you are curious about the topics below, or you think you may be interested in pursuing your own path, please feel free to communicate with me before the start of class.

    Session 1(Sept 9-16): SPACE!!
    Come with me into space! Not actual space, of course, but PICTORAL SPACE! We will be exploring different ways to control the effects of depth and flatness. Some of the exercises will be challenging and exacting, and some will be looser, but all will touch on important aspects of the exciting visual phenomena we call SPACE. You do not need any prior experience in either drawing or painting to do this new thing, and the exercises can be tailored to your skill level. Drawing materials (paper, pencils, vine charcoal, erasers) work well for most of these exercises, but you may also use a variety of painting mediums.

    Session 2(Oct 21-Nov 27): MONOPRINT!!
    We will be sneaking this great medium into the last half of everyones favorite month--INKTOBER! A really fun and loose medium with tons of painterly possibilities, we will put some miles on the press and explore this process. A materials fee will be added to the cost of this session (more details later).

    Image: (Drawing exercise by me!)

  • Summer at Paisley Studios

    Summer at Paisley Studios

    Summer classes are wrapping up and we will only open to our members for the month of August!

    Here are a few things coming up:

    July 22,23, & 24 from 10am to 1pm

    This 3 day studio camp will focus on drawing fundamentals and include a trip to the zoo to draw the animals! We will get messy (probably very messy) and learn about how to transform sketches into finished drawings.

    Best for ages 7 and up

    Contact me for more info!


    Bring a friend, check it out!
    Drop in fee is $25 (Bring a friend for free!)

    Monday 7/29

    Wednesday 7/31

  • New Session of Studio Practice Classes begin May 20, 2019!

    New Session of Studio Practice Classes begin May 20, 2019!

    The sun has returned! We are settling into the new space in NE and really enjoying the light pouring into the studio during the day. With the light, there will also be heat--please note that the regular Monday afternoon class will be changed to 10am to 12 Noon!! This is a big change, after all these years, so please accept my apologies if this new time does not fit with your schedule.

    New Class Sessions will begin the week of May 20th

    The dates/times are as follows:

    Monday 10-12noon & 6-8pm
    May 20th, May27th (Yes! we will have class on Memorial Day!), June 3, 10th, 17th, Make up class on June 24th (in case you miss 5/27 or any other day)

    Wednesday 10-12noon
    May 22, 29th, June 5, 12, 19, Make up class on June 26th

    Cost: $125 (this includes 5 regularly scheduled classes)
    Make up classes: If you miss a class, please come to the 6th class as a free make up. If you do not miss a class, but would like to come on the 6th week anyway, please pay the $25 drop in fee.

    Do not hesitate to contact Bonnie with any further questions!

    Image: Sun print by Bonnie

  • Classes begin April 1 in a NEW STUDIO!!

    Classes begin April 1 in a NEW STUDIO!!

    After 10+ years in the Troy Laundry Building, I will be moving the studio at the end of March to a new location!

    707 NE BROADWAY #202

    The studio space is located on the second floor of this 1924 building that is home to Cotton Cloud Furniture, Near East Yoga, McConnell’s Boxing Academy, Capoeira Angola, and others.

    The entrance door is RED, says “Boadway Studios” above it, and faces NE Broadway. The studio is on the second floor, and similar to the downstairs location, there is no handicap access.

    There are windows! There is real natural light and warmth!

    Parking: 2 hr metered parking is available on NE Broadway. Farther into NE is on street neighborhood parking. Please keep in mind that this is a bit busier and faster driving area than our old neighborhood, use caution and crosswalks when on foot.

    CLASS SESSION BEGINS MONDAY APRIL 1st! (There might be a bit of shuffling and unpacking going on the very first class)

    DATES: Monday 1-3pm & 6-8pm April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, with make up on May 6th
    Wednesday 10-12noon April 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1, with make up on May 8th
    COST: $125

    We will not be focusing on any specific medium this session, just settling into the new space. There will always be subjects for drawing/painting available as always.


    MOVING the studio will happen on Friday 3/29 (I hired pros for this!)
    If you have any materials that have been stored at the studio, please pick them up before this date—if you are re-enrolling in classes, please bring them back the first day of classes, you can have your cubby space back!

    Last send off to the old brick lady—Please join me next week in saying goodbye and thank you to the building that has been our creative home for so long! While change is hard and sad, I am trying to leave some good vibes for the next persons that may occupy the space.

    We will have a little celebration (maybe with actual champagne for the night class!) and if you feel inspired to write a little note or a few words on a small slip of paper, you may tuck it into one of the many cracks in foundation of the building!

    Thank You! See you soon!



    New Session begins the week of February 18th!

    Hello All!

    We have had so much fun working with color this session, and I look forward to continuing to watch all of you develop your creative practice as we get closer to spring!

    The next session of classes is coming up the following week (beginning Monday, February 18th). This session we will once again focus on work that you develop from your own desire and inspiration. I always encourage working from life, or life experiences, and please refrain from categorizing things as “too hard” or “too easy,” we can always work through the process!

    If you have been delving into the color work, maybe working in a limited earth tone palette would be a good way to cleanse your eyes? Or maybe you would like to try going back to black and white drawing exercises? There are plenty of ways to keep a creative practice fresh and relaxing—and as always, I think any time spent creating is time well spent, no matter what pressures we are feeling from the outside.

    The dates of the next classes are as follows:

    Monday 1-3pm and 6-8pm: Feb 18, Feb 25, Mar 4, Mar 11, Mar 18 and make up class on Mar 25

    Weds 10am-noon: Feb 20, Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 13, Mar 20, and make up on Mar 27

    Please contact Bonnie if you would like to sign up!

    Image: Color study in Color Aid paper based on Josef Albers "Interactions of Color" (hint: the two small squares are the exact same color)

  • January Classes: Focus on Color

    January Classes: Focus on Color

    First Classes in 2019 begin the week of January 7th!

    In the dark time of the new year, we will be swimming in brightness for our first ever session completely devoted to COLOR!!

    We will be focusing on ONE color per 2 hour class. Beginning with YELLOW, each student will be creating tints, shades, and complimentary mixes using watercolor, oil, and/or acrylic paint. We will be spending two hours communing with the variety of pigments that are classified as YELLOW.

    We will be learning a few historical/cultural facts about each color, as well as touching on a few of the magic color activities developed by Josef Albers.

    There will be A LOT of hands on practice mixing and familiarizing yourself with each color, so by the end of 2 hours you will feel like you have made a new color friend.

    Due to the in depth nature of this class, I will be charging an extra materials fee of $50 for the session ($175 total). This fee will be allocated towards the purchase of a variety of colors that are not already in the studio’s substantial shared material collection.

    Classes are held Monday 1-3pm and 6-8pm, and Wednesday 10-12noon

    Session will run from the week of January 7th through the week of February 11th (Make up classes will be held on 2/11 and 2/13)

    To secure your spot, or if you need more information please send me an email and I will confirm your enrollment if there is space!