Bonnie Paisley - Portland Art Classes


I am happy to announce that I will be moving the studio to 707 NE Broadway #202 in April 2019!
While preparing for this move, and in light of the relative scarcity of Portland’s creative spaces, I have been thinking a lot about why having a space to create art is important to me.
Being “an artist” has always been at the core of my identity and so I asked myself the following questions:

What does ART give to me?

It gives me a great respect and love for both the natural and human made world
It makes me curious
It makes me concentrate
It makes me to connect to the present
It enhances my ability to see and experience people, places, and things on a multidimensional level
It gives me solace, comfort, confidence, grief, frustration & failure
It gives me a sense of fearlessness
It gives me a sense of humility

What can I give to ART?

I can be willing to experiment
I can trust in the process & materials
I can respect and admire ALL artists (not just the ones in museums) in the past, present, and future
I can have faith in other’s ability to learn

My relationship with ART and my studio practice has given me many things that I am thankful for on a daily basis, and now, I wish to create a space that is for YOU. A space dedicated to learning and self exploration, process and uncontaminated time. This is your workspace as much as it is mine, I am so excited to share it with YOU!

I have many ideas for the future, but I would also love to hear from you! What does your ideal creative space have in it? What happens there?

Bonnie Paisley received her BFA in 1999 from the Rhode Island School of Design, and her MFA in 2004 from Portland State University. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon where her work has been exhibited at Ogle Gallery, the Art Gym, and the Alysia Duckler Gallery. She has installed work in Tryon Creek State Park and collaborated with the Crumb Collective for an installation for the Kitchen Sink. She uses a wide range of mediums and techniques, and is always searching for the space between painting and sculpture.

Bonnie has been teaching private, small group art classes for the last 10 years to anyone who has a desire to explore paint, learn to see better, and experiment with pushing the creative side of their brain!

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