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I know that you are an artist—in your past, present, and future. I will help you find the creativity that you know is inside you. I will not teach you my way to make art, rather, I will help you find your way to make art. I will invest in you, and you will invest in yourself—tapping into your own creative flow. It will take uncontaminated time and a commitment to working and learning. My students are my partners on this journey and we walk this path together beginning at any age and any level.

Core Tenets of the Studio:

You are Creative

“There are many paths to creative self expression…one of them is yours."
---Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland

"Consider everything an experiment."
---Sister Corita Kent

There are traditions, but there are no rules

How you get there is more important than where you end up

Cultivate a relationship with your materials—this will take time, and like all relationships, will give you confidence, grief, and pleasant surprises.

Work from life—the world, in all it’s nuanced complexity, is a constant source of inspiration

You are not alone

Spending time making art is time well spent

My classes require no prior experience in either painting or drawing--I strive to meet you where you are, whether you are just beginning or have been working for many years. You are encouraged to move at your own pace in a small group atmosphere that is conducive to experimentation, supported exploration, and encouragement.

All classes are held in the studio at 707 NE Broadway #202, red entrance door is facing Broadway and is open to the public. Come on up the stairs!

Classes are offered for $125 per session. Each session is 6 weeks long and includes 5 classes (one class per week) and one make up opportunity (the 6th week in the session is the make up class).

I do occasionally take younger students who wish to explore artistic materials and processes that they might not be exposed to in school. Please ask me about private lessons or small group classes and workshops for kids and high school students.

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